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In our new serie Munich & elsewhere, we get in touch with people from different cultural backgrounds. Today we have the pleasure to explore the contact between Radio Ghardaia and Radio Munich wich is in the southern part of Algeria.

Mahfoud Kerkar and Matthias Kühn met in Germany, in Munich and decided to establish there friendship by exchanging there way of life an share it with our listeners. Wishing that this experience lasts for a series of emissions.

You can listen to the emission in german language here.

Mahfoud Kerkar is already a candidat of a cultural training, devoted for the journalists and media stuff from the arab world. More about the program you find under:http://www.goethe.de/ges/prj/ken/qua/kum/nan/de10579986.htm A program initiated by Goethe-Institut and the German-Egyptian/Tusesian Transformationpartnership, promoted by the german foreign affairs department.


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